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After carefully considering the various theories regarding classroom management and addressing individual thoughts and concerns I have decided that my philosophy of classroom management will be a combination of medium and high control. I have chosen these styles of management because I can identify with the reasoning behind these levels of control. Unlike medium and high control, low control offers the idea of intrinsic motivation which I like; however, I feel that many students need extra guidance not provided in theorists like Kohn. I also believe that structuring classroom management with medium and high control will provide opportunities for students to be fully successful. Finally, as an individual, I feel if I established medium …show more content…
There are several expectation examples that would demonstrate how a medium and high control management style would develop students to be self-disciplined and autonomous. William Glasser’s “Choice Theory” is an example of a medium control approach that enables students to realize they chose their behavior; this helps student’s think about their actions before they misbehave and realize afterwards if they made the right decision based on expectations and consequences. Another technique of Glasser is to understand that each student has five basic needs, with the most important of these being love and belonging. I hope as a teacher to remember this always when dealing with students because they may not have their needs met in other aspects of their lives, and in order for me to expect them to be self-disciplined and autonomous I must give them the love and belonging they need while in the classroom. An idea from a high control theorist, Lee Canter, to ensure the student knows the expectations of the classroom. This way students cannot blame anyone else for their misbehavior; they will know what is expected of them and will have to use self-discipline and control to follow the appropriate behavior. Finally, to coincide with providing students with clear expectations, I will also provide students with clear consequences for their actions. This is also an idea of Canter; students should determine their behavior according to classroom
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