Classroom Management Strategies For High School Teachers

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Six Classroom Management Strategies for High School Teachers
(Without Good Classroom Management a Teacher Loses Control)

One of the biggest keys to being a successful teacher is classroom management. Of course, there are different needs depending on if you teach kindergartners or high school auto shop students, and every teacher has his or her own individual style. A constant through out all classrooms is this, without good classroom management, a teacher loses control. Once you lose control of the classroom the amount of actual teaching and learning diminishes to almost nothing.
I am by nature not a strong disciplinarian and like to be relaxed and fun with my class. I will never be known as that "mean teacher". I am the teacher students think they can get away with mischief in class, and in my early years, they did get away with a lot. I will never be up to the level of one of my colleagues, who has been teaching high school English for almost 40 years. She is a wonderful woman who can even scare other teachers during staff meetings if they were to talk or fidget.
I have however, over the years been able to find ways to combine my somewhat easygoing personality with some constant classroom rules and ideas to maintain a good learning atmosphere. Here is a simple list of six suggestions I think most teachers will agree with and should use.

1) Over plan each day - You need to keep students busy working or listening. If you have a dead time at the end of your class, it can be…
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