Classroom Management Techniques And Tips For Misbehaving Students Essay

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This past field experience I was placed at Chamberlin in Kanawha City. At first I was a bit nervous because I was going to be observing in 3rd/4th split classroom. I was placed with Ms. Gund. She as an excellent teacher, who taught me a lot in my short three months of observing her. Throughout the three months, I learned a few things. The favorite thing I learned about is about classroom management techniques and tips for misbehaving students. Ms. Gund was able to keep the student’s attention, create fun and unique lessons, and motivate students to do their work. She did not let teaching two grades at once stop her from being organized and ready. Ms. Gund divided her classroom up with the fourth grade on one side and third on the other. She tried to find lessons that would incorporate both grades, but at times she had to work with the grades separately. Science and history was mostly taught together, but when it came to math and reading she would have to teach them separately. For example, she would get the fourth grade started on their reading and explain the goals, and then she would move onto the third grade.
While I observed at Chamberlin, I got the opportunity to teach three lessons. I taught a health, math, and reading lesson. With all of my lessons, I decided to incorporate art into the lesson. Throughout all of my observations, I have observed that students are more engaged, eager, and willing to do the lesson when it involves a hands-on activity. The first lesson
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