Classroom Management and Child Friendly School System

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I. Background The Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other minor agencies works in collaboration to attain the goal in implementing the Child Friendly School System (CFSS) in connection to the protection of children in school. Their aim is to protect the pupil in all aspect of abuses whether it is from peers, parents, community and even from cruel teachers. Protect the child from physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse. DepEd Memorandum No. 73, s. 2006 dated February 28, 2006 mandated the program of the Child-Friendly School System. Trainings were done afterwards to fully grasped the aims of the system. DepEd Order No. 40, s. 2012 was…show more content…
3. Are you amenable in respecting the rights of the child? Why? 4. What is your point of view in disciplining a child? 5. Being a parent/teacher, how would you like to discipline a child? 6. Do you think there is a need to discipline a child with a “rod” in order to have good learning? Why? Traditional educators were not sold out to this because they said and have experienced that teaching children is never without punishment. Punishment became an option to pupils who doesn’t want to learn and follow instruction as well. As to Modern educators, learning among children is easier if done with fun. Both generations of educators have one common goal; to teach the children to learn and mold them to become a good citizen of the country and eventually to the world. But what is happening to our society today? Why even young kids were involved in crimes? Does the Department of Education have to do with it? If so, In what area of learning and molding does educators failed? Are educators solely to blame? In some area, YES! Here are some possible reasons: 1) Maybe because values taught did not penetrate deeply to the conscience of their pupils. 2) Maybe because teachers are just teaching the subject for the sake of teaching the subject. or …. 3) Maybe because the teacher himself is not an effective values teacher. Can we also blame the
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