Classroom Management and Pull-out Services: Research questions and Personal View on the Research Topic

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Research Questions and Supporting Resources Through my research, I created fifteen interview questions related to my topic of choice. Each of my research articles directly address my topic for this project, however some are specifically related to a particular aspect of my topic. In short, I compiled research and empirical studies on classroom management--the importance and influence it has on the everyday, overall functioning of the classroom and techniques and characteristics for effective classroom management, classroom management and its relation to students with special needs--the influence routine and structure have on students with disabilities and developmental delays, and finally pull-out services--what they are and the…show more content…
If so, which types of services do you know of? To reiterate, the purpose of these questions were solely to determine if any students are receiving related services outside the classroom during the regular school day, and if so, how many and/or what types; no research evidence was directly related to this question. However, the answer to this question can support the claim by Anonymous(2007) that pull-out services are becoming more prominent in inclusive classrooms. My next two questions pertains to the importance of pull-out services in special education classrooms. The first is directed to teachers and asks, Question 5- Why are pull-out services essential in the inclusive classroom? The second is directed to a parent with a child receiving pull-out services. I asked this parent, Question 6- As a parent of a special education student, what are the benefits of receiving pull-out services? These particular questions were also derived from the work of Anonymous (2007). With regard to this particular source, I would expect answers that hinted toward the benefit that students have of closely working with professionals and staff outside the classroom. This study concluded that students with disabilities--in this particular case, autism--need “a certain number of pull-out services in order to obtain an educational benefit” when placed in an inclusive classroom (Anonymous 2007, p. 10). Thus, I would expect responses to these questions

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