Classroom Modification And Accommodation Plan

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In this self-contained third grade classroom in DeSoto County, the classroom language policy is that all primary instruction of all subjects is completed in English. All assignments are completed in English in their entirety, unless specifically modified by the Classroom Modification and Accommodation Plan for ELL Students as set forth by DeSoto County Schools ELL department. Students who score a level 4 or 5 on the ELL language assessment (formerly WIDA, now LAS LINKS) will receive all instruction and assignments in the same manner as their typical peers. Students who score a level 1-3 will receive accommodations and modifications based on their abilities. These include, but are not limited to: extended time to complete assignments, oral responses in lieu of written responses, limited multiple choice responses, no true/false assessment, fewer items required, partner-learning with an English proficient peer, assignments read to students as needed, and small group testing. Newcomers are assigned a bilingual English proficient partner to assist with any transitioning and translation needed. Students utilize multiple computer-based programs within the classroom. These programs include Imagine Learning, Academy of Reading, Myon, Accelerated Reader, and IXL. Some of these programs allow the students to work in their native language until their English becomes more advanced. IPads are also utilized within the classroom. There are apps available to address any language
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