Essay about Classroom Motivational Strategies

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I would like to discuss some of the motivational strategies that I will be using in my classroom. The motivational strategy that I will discuss is student self-efficacy. According to (Schunk, 1991) Self- Efficacy Theory refers to an individual ‘s judgment of his or her capabilities to perform given actions. Students are more likely to be motivated to attempt tasks in which they believe they will be successful, it is essential for us as teachers to provide tasks at the correct level of difficulty and help students to develop appropriate expectation for success. Experiences of failure may lead students to have a low perception of self-efficacy, and they in turn , are likely to reduce their effort on academic tasks and lose…show more content…
(A.Wolters, 2003) According to (A.Wolters, 2003),Many struggling learners believe they cannot succeed in school (Brophy, 1998; Pajares 2003), convinced that school and academics guarantee failure and humiliation, In other words, their self-efficacy for academics- their beliefs that they have the “capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given (academic attainments”(Bandura, 1997,p.3)- is low (Henk & Melnick,1995; Walker,2003). According to self-efficacy theorists, low self-efficacy causes motivational problems. If students believe they cannot succeed on specific tasks (low self-efficacy), they will superficially attempt them, give up quickly, or avoid or resist them. Low self-efficacy beliefs, unfortunately ,impede academic achievement and, in the long run create self- fulfilling prophesies of failure and learned helplessness that can devastate psychological well-being. (McCabe, 2006) Often , the key to motivating and engaging struggling learners is to get them to believe that they can succeed ( Pressley et al,2003). Beliefs, as Linnenbrink and Pint rich (2003) concluded, can change behavior: “As the research has shown, students are motivated to engage in tasks and achieve when they believe they can accomplish the task”
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