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As a perspective teacher, it is essential to do field work and observe a classroom in order to acquire the ability to recognize different behaviors, procedures, and routines. Observing allows one to witness fundamental learning strategies and child development firsthand. With that being said, on October 24, 2017, I spent my first full day at P.S. 45, formally known as John Tyler. Upon my entry into the school, I was assigned to room 213, which is a third-grade classroom General Education (General ED) classroom. Unfortunately, the cooperating teacher, Mrs. Jessica Diaz, was not in class due to a mandated Professional Development (PD) meeting held for the third-grade staff. Mrs. Diaz absence led to a substitute teacher, Ms. C, taking over…show more content…
Despite the disruptions, it is still important to note the dynamics and characteristics of this classroom. Mrs. Diaz’s room is filled with beautiful and vibrant pieces of chart paper that allow the students to refer back to previous lessons. The various pieces of chart paper are exhibited throughout the entire room and includes almost every academic concentration. Moreover, the classroom is organized into centers that is separated by the library, math, reading, and writing areas. All the centers are spread amongst the room with the library towards the back of the classroom and the math center located towards the community area. The library center is rather large and has several backrest throw pillows on the floor. This area is suitable towards the back of the room due to its large proximity that enables the students to relax on the cushions and read a book. The classroom is not organized in a traditional fashion either, but instead includes elements from P.S. 45’s famous, flexible-seating arrangements that have taken over a majority of the classroom settings. Additionally, these seating arrangements include cushions, portable lap-desks, and a “Starbucks” countertop with stools. Notwithstanding, the classroom still contains traditional desks that are organized by tables, where each child has an assigned seat and seat sack to keep their materials. In this classroom, the organization and use of tools,

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