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Observation, Practicum & Reflection in Field Experience OBSERVATION I observed Ms. Sandon’s and Ms. Niliam’s, “Regular ED 1st grade” students with exceptionalities. This “sect” is made up of 6 (eight) 1st graders who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorders and other exceptionalities some are emotionally disturbed due to drug abusing mothers. A few of the students are misdiagnosed or have additional unspecified special needs. As an alternative to the Stanford 10 they were ordered to test with Ms. Payne and Ms. Rosemary our “in school” specialist for Math and Reading. I, Ms. Reminton, assisted them and the students. I observed the 8 children as they tested for the standard 5 days it took to finish the Stanford 10 test. I…show more content…
Students wait to be prompted to begin with assistance from me, Ms. Reminton and the head Proctor Ms. Rosemary or Ms. Payne making sure that vision, proximity and wait-time accommodations are met. The students are closely monitored making sure their comprehension and work stemma is correct and appropriate. Each student is rewarded for their good efforts with an “after testing” snack while watching a down-time unwind cartoon more than likely on the cartoon network. The structure of the Stanford 10 test is very rigid. It consists of a clear objective a concise plan in an already available format with predicted timing. Ms. Payne and Ms. Rosemary are careful to make sure each child receives their needed accommodations/ modifications. Teaching materials include the Test books which are colorful and closely followed by students, an answer sheet which is immediately utilized after each question. And section examples are seen before each section or transition in the test. The auditory part of the lesson is mostly Ms. Payne or Ms. Rosemary who make sure the children who need speech accommodations receive it! The calculators as well as blank paper are used for the students to compute the answers to various problems especially for the students who are motor/visual learners. Positive

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