Classroom Observation Report

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This case was a fifth grade English/Language Arts class. The technology used throughout the lesson

was a digital camera, internet search, and power point. The connectivity was a link to the World Wide Web.

The social economical situation of the students were mixed poverty and lower middle class. The teacher has

eighteen years of experience and she used technology consistently at home and in a classroom. She also

worked in a computer related business.

This particular class was an upper level reading class. They had to research information about an

athlete. The first page of power point was a picture of the athlete and a portion of a report that they had

found on the internet. The second page of the report
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There were certain cosmetic aspects that the teacher

had had for them. The teacher wanted the background of the sheet colored in. Lastly, when the students were

all finished with their paper, the had to add the picture.

This case met with the net standards because she used high order skills. She had them do a lot of

research on the computer and integrate it with text information. She also had them use power point, the

internet, and a word processor. This was a project where children were in depth with the computer. They

learned how to copy a picture from a web site and paste it onto their power point file. This goes to show you

that even the most advanced programs can be used in even the most amateur environments.


Target Audience: Grade Level Three

Teachers Goals: The teachers goals were to show them that a server can stack more than one thing together.

Planned Activity: The teacher was going to have the class do a presentation using power point for a project

they were doing about space.

Students Tasks: The students were expected to research, use creativity, integrate text information with

researched information, and to use power point to help present their material.

Assessment: Rubric- assessed whether the assignment was of quality and understood by all.

Standards Met: Yes. The

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