Classroom Observation Report Observation

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Tami Lesser
June 4, 2017
Observation Report:
I observed a girls second grade classroom in Arie Crown Hebrew Day School. The class had 28 students. There was one head teacher and one teacher’s assistant in the class. Bathrooms were located down the hall and students did not need to ask permission to use them, however, only one student could leave at a time. Students lockers were located right outside the classroom, they can leave their coats and boots there if need be. The room was quite large considering the size of the class. There were five rows of desks, that sometimes would be pushed together into groups of four, and to the side of the class was a big carpet the children could sit on. Backpacks where hung on the back of their chairs
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April 5, 12:30- 3:55 The students sat back in their desks and were asked to take out their writing notebooks and folders. Children were handed out a worksheet that had two columns of prefixes and suffixes, they were asked to match the prefixes and suffixes to each other to make a complete word. The teacher and assistant teacher walked around the classroom to make sure they were doing it correctly, and offered feedback and suggestions. After that, the teacher wrote some vocabulary words on the board, and the students had to copy them down along with the sentences the teacher dictated to them. They had a conversation about the words and the teacher sounded out some words and pointed out some spelling rules. They then divided into groups of 4 and had to make up new sentences with the words. Each group then read their sentences aloud. The teacher had an excellent rapport with her students and it was evident that clear classroom rules and routines had been established from the beginning of the school year. Students sat attentively, raised their hands to answer questions, and had good turn taking skills.
Next was guided reading. The teacher explained to the class the options of what they can be doing, such as reading their library book as independent reading while looking for adjectives, finishing a writing assignment she had previously assigned, or doing guided reading with the teacher. This is done in groups according to their level, in

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