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Classroom Observation Memphis Intermediate School is located in the city of Memphis, TN. It is comprised of grades 3-5 with a total enrollment of 464 students and a student/teacher ratio of 20. Memphis has been in operation for only seven years and is a public school. The ethnicity of the student body is largely White at 86%, followed by Hispanic 6%, Multi-racial 2%, Asian 2%, Native American 2%, and Black 1%, “not provided” and Pacific Islander are both less than 1%. There is prevalence of students who require free or reduced lunch, about 27%. Additionally, the students who require special…show more content…
The students seemed eager to please their teacher and gratify her even though no reward was involved. Before she called on any of the students she repeated the question into a more simplified one, “What is a procedure?” A child answers that a procedure is like having surgery and Mrs. Hammond decides to elaborate on the subject of surgery as a procedure. She asks the students to describe what happens when someone has surgery. One student says, “You get put to sleep first.” Mrs. Hammond asks, “Then what happens?” As the students answer and talk about experiences in surgery she writes key words on the board: First, Then, and Finally. Mrs. Hammond gives the students clues to key words that are commonly used in procedural writing, “I’m hearing the word ‘then’ a lot.” A child shares a story about putting together a bicycle he got for Christmas which prompts Mrs. Hammond to ask the class where they get information for putting toys together or playing a board game. The whole class responds with, “Directions and instructions.” Mrs. Hammond then asks the class to share a story of when they used directions and the students are hesitant to raise their hands. She grabs a stack of large colorful Popsicle sticks and shuffles them behind her back. The Popsicle sticks have the children’s names on them and are drawn at random, but the student who gets called on has the chance to “pass” if they want to. Once the children start telling stories

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