Classroom Observation. The Fundamental Of Classroom Observation

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Classroom observation The fundamental of classroom observation is to evaluate teachers’ instruction performance during classes by using assigned observers and evaluation tools (Gallagher et al, 2011; Learning Point Associates, 2010). In order to observe the teacher performance, core components of teacher effectiveness should be used for designing criteria of rubrics or checklists, such as the quality of demonstrating content knowledge, communicating with students, and classroom management skills (Learning Point Associates, 2010). Although classroom observation has a moderate relationship with student achievement (Kane, Taylor, Tyler, & Wooten, 2011; Gallagher et al, 2011), most of the teachers have a positive attitude toward this method…show more content…
According to Learning Point Associates (2010), artifacts is defined, “Instructional materials such as model lesson plans, assignments, student work samples, audio or video recordings of classroom performance, notes from students or parents, teacher reflections or journals, results from assessments, and/or special awards or recognitions.” (p. 21). Regarding the principle of portfolio evaluation, teachers can evaluate themselves or teachers can be evaluated by their supervisors. Besides, scoring criteria or rating should be used for the assessment the portfolio (Goe et al., 2008). As an advantage of teacher portfolio evaluation, this method can be used to promote teacher reflection in broad dimensions in terms of professional performance development (Gallagher et al., 2011; Goe et al., 2008). Furthermore, Goe et al. (2008) claimed that this method had high face validity because the results were determined based on the evidence. However, the reliability of the outcome remains as a drawback of this method when teachers do not include the relevant artifacts for evaluation and evaluators score with bias (Gallagher et al., 2011; Goe et al., 2008). Besides, another important disadvantage of portfolio is bias when teachers rate their performance at a high level without the significant evidence (Gallagher et al., 2011). In addition, some teachers might be not interested in creating their
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