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Patience, confidence, and respect -- these are qualities often found in successful leaders. As a tutor for young children and teens at Kumon Tutoring Center, I demonstrate these skills on a daily basis. I remain collected even when a fussy child does not; display self-assurance when asked questions by students and guardians alike; and understand that every child is trying their best no matter what pace they are progressing at.

Even so, I was flustered when my manager asked me to supervise the facility for two weeks. She would be out of town for a business trip, and needed someone familiar with all aspects of Kumon to be a temporary manager, she said.

For the next two weeks, my responsibilities increased tenfold. In addition to grading
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Although it was nerve-wracking, I built up the courage to reveal my most cherished hobby. Since then, I’ve become comfortable with singing even with company. To further my musical ability, I bought a ukulele -- my first instrument -- during freshman year. In sophomore and junior year, I joined my school’s treble choir, performing at concerts and attending Sacramento State’s Women’s Chorus Festival. I was exposed to new music styles, and I was even tutored by established professionals such as Dr. Jenny Bent of Sonoma State University. I perform at local open mics, and just this week I performed in front of my physics class for sound wave analysis. My life is now overflowing with music, and I do not regret my decision to unveil my…show more content…
Contrarily, I think of “Life After High School.”. At my school, the class is taught by a teacher who prides herself on creating the curriculum that is now used by multiple schools in our district. The course introduces teens to adult life, covering responsibilities such as money management.

In other classes, I questioned the practicality of the pythagorean theorem, or of sound wave intensity; in “Life After High School”, I never doubted the relevance of the information. I learned about the different paths one could take after secondary education, and I was given advice on financial aid and its different types.

I found that the most useful assignment of the course was the Career Project, in which students research the prerequisites, responsibilities, and lifestyle of a coveted career, and even interview someone of that profession. “Video Producer” was the topic I chose for my project, for it is my dream job. I know it is not a plausible choice for many, and that it is unlikely I will actually pursue the job in the future. As a result, I was hesitant to explore its details, afraid that I would become too attached to something I could not have. But because of the Career Project, I was given incentive to seek the information I was always curious to
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