Classroom Reflection Analysis

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For the final part of the project, me and the other students, plus the teachers and aides met in the classroom on Monday morning to reflect on the project. During the final round table teachers expressed some concern with communication. I think they felt like it was difficult to communicate with us students since they did not have any contact information from us. A great suggestion was made during the meeting to make a google document that would include all of our contact information as well as updates and information about the all the children who the teachers were concerned about. I feel like this would be beneficial for both the students and the teachers in order to contact each other more easily and to get updates on the children efficiently. During the course of the semester, I felt like the students and the teachers were not on the same page due to the issues of contacting each other. For instance, when me and partner would get to the preschool we sometimes would be unable to fully observe or coach during our time due to other activities happening in the classroom. For example, one time me and my partner came and an employee from the public library was there for her weekly reading activity. I felt a little surprised by this novel situation, but my partner and I would try and adjust our plan to make it feasible to the new situation. Another issue the teachers had was determining what time works best for us students to come in and observe or coach. Our teacher Jihan did not limit us too much on our times, except when they were on field trips. Other teachers noted that they had specific times for students to come in, and they felt overwhelmed by the amount of students. They described the situations to be somewhat difficult to discuss the children they were concerned about or how the strategies were working for them. Hearing the teachers talk about when would be the best time for students to come in reminded me that they have a lot to take into consideration when planning. For instance, they need to take into account which and how many children will be in their classroom since some arrive late and some leave early. They need to take into account how much help they will need to prepare or clean up an

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