Essay On Structural Innovations

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While reading through the innovations and strategies offered in the sections entitled, “Structural Innovations” and “Innovations to Improve Academic Learning,” I was able to reflect on my current teaching style. Consequently, I reexamined the areas of class size, the implementation of a school uniform, creating spatial competences, and the utilization of technology in the classroom. Each of these strategies has the potential to increase my students’ success.

In the area of class size, I am aware that “twenty to twenty-five students” (279) per one teacher is an exceptional ratio with increased “potential for deep bonding with peers and with teachers, and the lower potential for discipline problem,” (279) however in my situation I believe that this number is too sizeable. As a special education teacher in a collaborative setting with two teachers, our class twenty-five students is to large for us to appropriately teach. When over viewing the classroom, you discover that an average of 40% of the students bring with them a IEP, another 20%, with 12% of the students whom previously failed the course, leaving 28% of the class as regular education students. Our class size initially was 15 students with two teachers, however with students dropping down levels the environment has changed and there are days where I feel overwhelmed because even with two teachers in the classroom that we can not appropriately meet their needs.

In order to address these concerns and make our
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