Classroom Reflection Essay

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When I arrived to Mrs. Beach’s classroom, she began debriefing what had occurred in the classroom since the last time I was there. Two of the boys in her class had almost gotten into a fight, so the seating chart had to be changed so that these students were as far away from each other as possible. She also informed me that when they had a sub the previous day that they were behaving so poorly that the principal had to come in and have a talk with the students. Because of this, Mrs. Beach warned me that she would be much sterner today, because she was going to have to be out two more days this week, and she needed to reinforce what appropriate behavior looks like in her class. As the students arrived to class, from P.E. they grabbed their math buckets and found their seats. They did this so quietly and were waiting patiently for Mrs. Beach to explain what they were doing for the day. Since Mrs. Beach needed to catch the students up on lesson 16, she decided to teach a whole group lesson; therefore, she taught and the students listened. During the lesson, I graded papers and took notes of the ways that Mrs. Beach was explaining the lesson to her students. One thing that I found interesting about the ways that Mrs. Beach was teaching this lesson was that the students were only going to be exposed to this lesson once, not their usual three times. From the number of students who were not doing well on the informal formative assessment being used by the teacher, I think it was

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