Classroom Reflection

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On the morning on September 29th, 2017, uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement were three of the best words to portray my emotions. I was uncertain of what my role within the classroom would be and how the students would receive my presence; I was anxious to commence this new experience and put my classroom knowledge to the test to further my education; But, most of all, I was excited to meet the students that would ultimately begin my long career in making a difference in kids’ lives through education. As I entered the 3rd-period classroom, I noticed the equal division of responsibilities between the general education and special education teacher. The 3rd-period was a math class, so the first half of the class focused on the warm-up which was instructed by Mrs. Ziegler (the special education teacher) while the second half of class focused on the lesson for the day, which was instructed by Mrs. Meckes (the general education teacher). After the lesson, the homework was given out to the students. As the students worked on their worksheets, Mrs. Ziegler, Mrs. Meckes and I circled the room to assist as questions arose. Furthermore, students with special needs were not singled out to receive any additional help. All the students received the same amount of attention. The expectations for all students were consistent with each student being held to a high standard. The students did not regard the teachers as one inferior to each other, but rather as co-teachers. Both teachers

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