Classroom Reflection

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My experience was informational. I was able to see how my students are inside the classroom environment with my teacher how they are in art. I was also able to observe another classroom and see how they differ from my class. All of these are completely different spaces where the children act differently. Comparing these different environments provided a unique insight into how these children act differently depending on who is around. Having been with these children a lot now, I have the ability to interact with them and get to know them individually. This helps in my classroom assessments because I am able to differentiate between how children normally behave and what the normal classroom routine is like. When the children were in my…show more content…
One thing that I don’t like about my class, though, is that there are no rules posted. I know in the other class, there are rules posted so when a child goes against the rules, they can refer back to the list. Since we don’t have a list of rules, there is no consequences for misbehavior. There has been a lot of issues with children touching others, like hitting or poking. We do have meetings about it but there are no consequences for the children so there is no way for them to learn. In my class, I will definitely have a set of rules that we as a class come up with together on the first day. I will make sure this list consists of the positive side instead of the negative side and have limits so children know what will happen if they break the rules. Another takeaway I got was how important it is to have lessons based on their real life. In our social studies, we have lessons about places and objects that they see in their everyday lives. We learn about the islands we are visiting so that we can apply this information when we visit. This makes it more interesting for the children because it isn’t just arbitrary information. When they recognize something we have learned about or know little bits of information ahead of time, they get really excited. Having the children become excited about learning is something I want to instill in my students. This excitement will carry them through their future educational

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