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On December 5, 2017, I spent my fifth session with class 3-213. As a prospective student teacher, this day provided me with a plethora of information regarding questioning. For my first few weeks of observation, I focused on the differing forms of instructional planning, assessment, and interdisciplinary instruction. However, this week I listened carefully to the types of questions the teacher asked the students. Mrs. Diaz is truly a remarkable teacher, who carefully plans her questions to execute informal assessments. She uses these questions to measure student performance, while simultaneously stimulating collaborative and encouragement in the classroom. Based on this idea, Mrs. Diaz continuously asks questions throughout the duration…show more content…
Mrs. Diaz drew attention to the way she asks questions and teachers them; she promoted the students to recognize her teaching style and incorporate it into their teaching activity. Interestingly enough, the students modeled Mrs. Diaz’s form of questioning by asking each other thought provoking questions. By walking around the room, one could clearly hear the students own level of scaffolding by asking their peers questions, such as “How would you explain what I just said?”, “Can you list the parts of my how to?”, and “Based on what I told you, what do you think about my how to?” Accordingly, these questions demonstrated that the students were active, engaged, and able to ask questions of their own. After writing, I was able to introduce the students to their math assessment. I did this by gathering them together in the community area and going over the various questions on the paper. Looking back at this period, I tried my best to inform the students and ask questions that would not give them the answers. We looked closely at the types of questions that would be on the assessment and afterward, I gave out the work to the children that were waiting patiently and quietly. Ultimately, this brief encounter with the children allowed me to “get my feet wet,” before formally teaching them on December 12, 2017. It also allowed me to consider how I will be questioning them during my future lesson. Following the math assessment, the students participated in math
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