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Reflection Paper Throughout this class, I have been able to rediscover a part of myself that has been hidden away since high school. When I decided to attend the University of Northern Iowa and become a Biology BS and a Biochem BS major, I in a way decided to put to death part of the old me that I liked. I was an entertainer, and this class has helped bring that out in me again. KNOWLEDGE I didn’t know how fun and friendly everyone would be. Going into this class, I was unsure if I would enjoy it or not. I knew that the people in it would have a huge influence on this, and I can now say that I have had a wonderfull time and met some great friends in this class. This experience has left me more optimistic to try similar activities in the future, and has again helped me to be a more social person. This is important to my well-being because being an extrovert, I love to be with people, but at the same time, sometimes I don’t have the confidence to approach other people. I also learned how some styles of ballroom dance originated and where they came from. This is important because it helps me to have a better perspective on different cultures and diversity. For example, the tango originated in Argentina in the late 1800’s. During this time a profusion of men came to Argentina looking for jobs in the factories, leading to “shortage” of women in the area. This caused competition between the men to be able to court a women, and the men therefore practiced with each other to be

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