Classroom Reflection Paper

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Becoming a primary school teacher is something I want to pursue. I am inspired to bring my knowledge to the classroom and make a difference in children lives. Over the course of three months I’ve had the opportunity to sit and see a third grade classroom. Observing this class, opened my eyes to the Common Core Curriculum and the different techniques teachers use to engage their students.

The School

P.S 138 is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It is a public school catering to Preschool, Elementary, and Middle school students, in District #17. P.S 138 now serves 679 students from grades Preschool to 8. The students in the school are 86.5% African American, 1.2% Asian, 9% Hispanic, 2.5% White, 1% Other.
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The students have a small play area, with educational games like multiplication bingo, Uno cards, crossword puzzles, word blocks, etc. Children are also allowed to log on computers for educational purposes.

The Curriculum

The students in the classroom are now learning how to develop an essay, peer editing and multiplication. The teacher is using the 5 finger retell as teaching tool for peer editing, and developing an essay. The 5 finger retell is: 1) Setting 2) characters in the story 3) problems in the story with characters 4) events 5) solution. For peer editing the students will grade each other’s work. Checking for clear thoughts, and punctuations. Multiplication is done on white board Distributive property, communicative property, Associative property. Mr. Cayard asked students what is a summary/ Students raise their hands to answer question. Special education teacher Ms. Francis is rewriting the lesson Mr. Cayard is teaching in an easier format (on a separate board) for the students who are struggling to understand. She is drawing pictures to show 5 finger retell. The paraprofessional is explaining the lesson to her student in Spanish and English so she is able to correlate the lesson plan. Students are engaged and understand lesson. They are given a story to read, then to summarize the story and carry out what they have just learned from the teachers.

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