Classroom Rules

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Classroom Rules:
1. Be prepared for each class (I promise to show up dressed and ready and expect the same from you. The naked mental image of me lecturing will now haunt you for the rest of your days).
2. Show respect for all people, their opinions, beliefs, religions, etc. I enjoy a good discussion, but I will not tolerate rudeness or disrespect for others (a good discussion means that you use Critical Thinking Skills combined with facts and support while refusing to use flawed logic or name-calling).
3. Be Friendly, Positive and Self- Reflective: When people cannot see you, and also do not know you, feelings can be hurt if you are not careful in how you express yourself. The old saying, think before you speak is important here. Think
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A solid connection with other students is instrumental in being successful in college. Create study groups (I learned this late in my schooling, but it is a great idea).
12. Do not complain about the grade that a teacher gave you. Students are no longer given grades; they earn them (a slight change from kindergarten that a few students struggle with). I grade according to the syllabus and how effectively students meet the assignment objectives.
13. I do not care what grade you need to make. I do care that you improve as a student (earning a certain grade is your concern while your being an educated student is mine).
14. If you cheat, you will earn a “0” and not be given a second chance on the assignment (if you are cheating, I do not want you in a medical, legal, military or any other important career. P.S. there is such a thing as a permanent record).
15. Only write about what you are passionate (if you do not care about the subject, I can guarantee you that I will not be). The only caveat to this is being sure that you can objectively distance yourself from emotional topics to see the flaws in your logic.
16. Communicate with me (I skipped the day where they taught mind reading in school and have regretted it ever since).
17. Learn to skip excuses and take responsibility for all that occurs (being late for class or missing assignments consistently means that it is your fault not someone or something else).
18. Get involved and stay
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