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Classroom scenario analysis Education is the basis and foundation of knowledge for almost every being living in the current world. Due to diversification and adversities, many suitable teaching and learning techniques are being advanced to cater for each and every person’s knowledge quest. Technological advancement has also spearheaded development of education among nations. Professional learning communities, and webinar are some of the trending learning techniques in many developed countries (Marshall, 2002). This manuscript seeks to give a deeper insight on aspects associated with English Language Learners (ELLs) in view of a classroom scenario. We focus on Mr. O’Malley and the two ELLs, Maria and Mikhail in their classroom encounter. It is a challenging situation since the ELLs have different needs owing to their level difference. Maria is at the beginning level where she neither understands nor speaks English. She has to go through several tutorials to be able to enchant this new language. Mikhail on the other hand is at the intermediate level of learning where he is able to understand and even speak the new language (Marshall, 2002). His major need arises on writing skills where he is not able to comprehend his grammar well in line with the correct tenses in paper. Mr. O’Malley understands their needs after a short analysis. To begin with, Mr. O’Malley applies scaffolding as his main strategy or aid of communicating with Maria by smiling and nodding to her just to make
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