Classroom Team Analysis

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Football, unlike any sport that I have been a part of can define someone inside the classroom and within the gridiron. Character translates between the two and is something that I was always fascinated about. Someone that can show teamwork on the field are often able to show the same level of compassion and dedication in the classroom. Throughout my time as a Hanover Tiger, I learned the ins and outs of football, starting with footwork and slowly working my way up to seeing the necessity of teamwork. It was not until I became a wildcat that I truly comprehended what it took to be a fully functioning team. Several years of senior captains lead our team and emphasis that the same respect you would give to a coach should be given to any teacher…show more content…
Coach had always said that academics were always before athletics and I feel that I embody that. On several occasions I would carve out time to tutor some of the underclassman in subjects that I felt comfortable in. Taking what I have learned from the field on how to demonstrate leadership I took to the classroom. From being a club officer/leader in three extra-curricular clubs to being consistently on disguised honor roll would not be possible without the skills that I learned from football. In combination with the a zero tolerance policy for disrespect and the experience of the coaching staff, co-captains, and myself we revived a program. Undoubtedly the 2016 season was the most successful that was occurred in many years, not only in record, but our ability to play in a playoff game. I take great pride in being able to tell others that I was a part of the success that our program demonstrated this season. I believe that I am the right student-athletic for this scholarship based on the character and dedication that I demonstrated on and off the field. This scholarship not only would greatly help towards my college expenses, but would validate all that I have put in to the youth and high school football in Hanover Township. Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration in regards to the
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