Classroom Technology Analysis

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Technology" the use of technology today is something everyday, technology to reach all corners of the world, from simple workers up to the most senior executives benefit from technological advances. In addition to providing help, entertainment, and benefits, the irresponsible use of some devices can have its downside.
In addition to numerous technological advances such as cell phones, TVs, navigation (GPS) systems, computers and the internet have come to be everyday things.
In today's world technology plays a very significant role, fulfill the stringent demands of modern society. We have seen through time as human beings and society has had the need for facilitate and organize their daily tasks.
Economic, social and political growth demanded
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Education is one of the areas of greatest benefit with the implementation of the technology. In the classroom technological means are used to offer students a teaching dynamic, versatile and efficient, making one innovative teaching-learning process. A variety of technological equipment that is used in the classroom and in libraries, such as televisions, video cameras, projector, computer, video, recorders, digital camera among other technological systems.
All these equipments serve to enrich the educational process cumpliendocon the demands of these times.

My experience in use of technological means has been enriched in my short personal life. The experience I've had with my teachers to use the technological resources available at my school has been very positive. As a result I've stimulated my creativity, autoestima i've got a without number knowledge thanks to all this technological tools. It is essential to integrate technology into the process of teaching and learning. The technology helps to promote active learning, creating authentic
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