Classroom Theory : Classroom Management Philosophy

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Toni Bentley Classroom Management Classroom Management Philosophy My Classroom Management Philosophy I believe that a well managed classroom provides safety, education and respect and fosters an environment of team work and empathy. In order to support and encourage learning in a classroom environment, students should feel comfortable and safe both physically and emotionally. Behavior, character, independence, attitudes, and academics are all learned in a classroom. They should feel they have the right to contribute and be part of class activities. They should feel they deserve the respect and consideration of myself and their peers. I intend to establish and maintain a classroom where learning will be optimized and rewarding. My role as a teacher is as a guide, it is my responsibility to create an environment where students will develop self management over their learning and the self efficacy that will motivate them to try. Fostering Self Management Democratic authority is what students will find in my classroom. I believe in a student centered classroom. I want them to have to freedom to recognize and make their own choices and reap their own consequences. Self Management means that the student understands each choice you make has a consequence. Self management is a skill that will follow them through their entire lives. Therefore I want students to feel they have a say in our room and our learning, so they will also understand that

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