Classroom Use Of Technology Has Exploded Over The Past Few Years

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Classroom use of technology has exploded over the past few years. Though the number of devices found in a classroom depends on the school budget, chances are that most modern classrooms utilize at least a few different types of technology. Laptops and computers, tablets, smartphones, interactive boards, and other learning devices have become integral to the education system. In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner proposed a theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard, theorized that an individual’s intelligence cannot simply be defined by a simple IQ test. Instead, he believed that there are several different types of intelligence, including linguistic, interpersonal, and logical-mathematical, along with four other categories. If one is not tested in a practical way suited to their particular type of intelligence, it may appear as if they are not intelligent. This is evident is schools across the nation – some students may excel in mathematics or English, while others may perform better in the arts. Dr. Gardner’s went on to explain that traditional testing is not an accurate representation of one’s abilities. Alternatively, he suggested regular assessment in place of the usual tests. Lynn Gilman wrote her overview of Gardner’s theory that “assessment elicits information about an individual 's abilities in the context of actual performance rather than by proxy using formal instruments in a de-contextualized setting.” This distinction may
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