Classroom Video Observations Essay

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Virtual Classroom Observations Video 1-6 Dr. Susan Stanley EDUC 656: Teaching Content Area Reading Liberty University By: Vanna Mata November 22, 2015 Video 1: Mark Diacopoulos In this video, Mr. Diacopoulos was teaching his class about the formation of the U.S. Constitution. He talked about the two sides of the politics; Federalists and the Anti-Federalists (Democratic Republicans). There were a couple of things that stood out for me in this video. First, it was his accent when he spoke. It was a little bit hard to understand. I also like that he had the Constitution posted on his walls. This allows the students to actual see what it is they are learning about. Another thing that stood out for me was how he allows the students…show more content…
She decided that in allowing her 6th grade math class to work the school’s supply store would allow the students to apply real life situation to what they are studying in class. The students are responsible for opening the store, operating cash box, and closing the store. In what they learn in class, they applied to the store. In this particular unit they are working on sales tax and percentage. I think it is a great idea that what she is doing. In allowing the students to applied what they learn in class to a real life; makes it more interesting. Students are often wondering why they are learning something that they might not need later on. When she did this project, it gave the students the incentive to learn. If I have the opportunity, I would definitely have my students applied what they learn in the classroom to their own personal life. Only a glimpse into her day but from what I saw, it was all positive. The students are learning how to work well together without adult supervision. They are learning responsibilities and taking care of themselves. They are learning that what they learn in class is important and will be put to use in their own personal life. In having the students participate in the store, it is keeping the students’ interested in learning math daily. Video 3: Classroom Motivation: Strategies for Engaging Today’s Students In this video; Mr. Baker uses the kids’ prior knowledge in teaching the subject of Rosa
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