Classroom 's : Run By Incentives

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Classroom’s: Run by Incentives After observing students in a classroom, I noticed how incentives are a substantial part of their schooling, their education, and influences their behavior. In one occasion, while observing the first-grade classroom, the teacher was giving out points to groups. These points were given to students depending where they were sitting as a group. However, she will also remove points if one of the group 's member was not following direction, which affected the entire group. At the end of the day, the group with most points will get a special treat. The treat consisted of either extra computer time, a candy, or a small toy. The teacher used incentives to keep her students on task and at the time it seemed to have worked. However, some students were not interested in being part of their group. After observing these first graders and as a future educator, I would like to know how to use an incentive to motivate, enrich the students development, and systematized the positive behavior of the students in an active learning environment. With that being said, what is the most effective way to use incentives to encourage students’ behavior? Even though incentives can cultivate misbehaviour if they are not used correctly, incentives are a beneficial tool to use in the classroom because it self-regulates the students actions and encourages students positively. Leading more desired outcomes.(What are these desired outcomes?? Incentives being Extrinsic to
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