Classrooms Are More Diverse?

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I do agree that classrooms are more diverse. Taking all the education courses that I have has made me think about this. When I was in elementary school I never remember having any wide diversities in my classrooms. My teaching people of other cultures teacher provided us with ELL statistics in the US from last year and all I had to was WOW. Resiliency. I really like that characteristic. Resilient children do have the upper hand. They can better adapt and not let all the negativity effect them. Resilience seems to be an valuable characteristic for students to have. Teachers should do all they can to foster resilience for their students. The book says that resilience can stem from having a close bond with someone that holds high expectations for them. This proves even more that teachers should create warm and meaningful relationships with their students. Students can sense a lot more than adults pick up on. Show them that you genuinely care about their success. I know from experience that it is easier to want success when others openly want it for you also. Know your students Respect your students Teach your students academically and other aspects of life For me those principals are a big “DUH”. However, I’m sure that some teachers out there do not follow these. A huge main idea in many of the chapters in my Teaching people of other cultures class has been focused around knowing your students. Students are all individuals and have lives. Teacher should strive to know
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