Clatchey: Do You Like My Name

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Do you like your name? I don’t mind my name. I have the same name as a famous swimmer, Caitlin McClatchey. My name means pure or virginal and my last name means wise. Shockingly, my parents came up with my name in the shower! My name comes from Irish origin. It means Catherine. In my chorus class, there are 3 Caitlins, and at my gym for gymnastics, there are 2 Caitlins. When I think of my name, it reminds me of sitting on the couch Christmas morning drinking hot, delicious cocoa. Mmmmm! My name smells like fresh cookies coming out of the oven, tastes like creamy chocolate melting on my tongue. It looks like an athlete running.and even feels like a warm,toasty blanket.But even though ?I kinda like my name,it doesn’t have a lot of nicknames.
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