Claudas The Land Laid Waste

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Her vow kept and her duty done, Phedre married Claudas becoming Queen of what was known as Terre Deserte since the days of Uther. The Land Laid Waste. It was a desolate but fertile land with the common people falling to the cross as they forgot the Old Ways. Even without the title of priestess, Phedre would never have been an idle woman with the seemly virtues of a housewife. Opinionated, logical and well educated, she was quick to learn how to manage her new home as well as her new husband.

Claudas was ambitious, intelligent and greedy, prone to paranoia and jealousy as he sat uneasy upon his throne. He was combative with neighboring lands and harsh when slighted but he knew how to lead an army. He had a keen mind for strategy and battle.
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