Claude Debussy Nonconforming Style

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With strict guidelines and rules, one often finds a sense of order and proper balance. This is a common philosophy across many realms. Without order or balance, there is often chaos and calamity and many people find that uncomfortable, to say the least. However, there are a few that thrive by breaking the rules or simply ignoring them altogether. Claude Debussy once said that he did not write in a particular style because he knew the style (Lederer 15). This is to say that he knew the outcome of following the rules and he wanted to create something better which would require that he toss all rules aside. This sentiment is one that Debussy carried throughout his entire life and is present in all his works. In his first published work, Nuit d’etoiles, he demonstrates his first example of his nonconforming style as well as music that is not just expression of feeling but a feeling itself. From a very early age, it was apparent that Claude Debussy was incredibly talented. It was also apparent from the start that he despised many of the forms and foundational teachings of the prestigious school, the Paris Conservatory, much to the dismay of a somewhat archaic faculty. However, despite his “utterly unorthodox” (Roberts 36) methods and approaches to his schoolwork, Debussy’s teachers recognized his ingenious and respected his “burning need to find expression for the sounds in his imagination” (Lederer 15). Debussy’s introspective and reserved nature often inclined him to isolate

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