Claude Monet Analysis

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Claude Monet’s piece titled Sunrise (Marine) illustrates the daylight in the industrial port of Le Havre of the north coast, France. This piece was made in March or April of 1873. The piece’s present location is the J. Paul Getty Museum, west pavilion, gallery w204. The medium is oil on canvas and is next to another piece made by Monet called The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in morning light. Claude Monet was part of the impressionist movement that changes French paintings of the nineteenth century. For Sunrise (1872), people criticized the paint due to the appearance of an unfinished painting, however other artist saw it as an honor and eventually called themselves “impressionist”. The painting brings out a beautiful image due to the colors, texture, and technique that plays an important role in society and culture. When entering the room, people crowded around Monet’s pieces, which felt like an honor to see the type and techniques his work has. The colors describe the feeling of an early morning. The painting has a muted palette of blues, greens, and grays. The sunrise is orange and yellow which are surrounded by the clouds and smoke from steamboats. Three boats are shapes and visible while the rest fade into the distance. This painting is an example of plein air or outdoor painting. I also notice that Monet layered the colors so that when I viewed the painting from a far distance I knew what the painting was about however when I looked at it up close I saw brush strokes and
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