Claude Monet Essay

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Art has been part of our society since humanity existed. For countless years’ people been creating, observing, criticizing and appreciating art. Claude Monet’s piece titled Sunrise (Marine) illustrates the daylight in the industrial port of Le Havre of the north coast, France. This piece was made in March or April of 1873. The piece’s present location is the J. Paul Getty Museum, west pavilion, gallery w204. The medium is oil on canvas and is next to another piece made by Monet called The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in the morning light. Claude Monet was part of the impressionist movement that changes French paintings of the nineteenth century. For Sunrise (1872), people criticized the paint due to the appearance of an unfinished painting,…show more content…
Colors are around us and can describe different meanings. When colors are part of an image, painting or sculpture, however, why do certain colors use and others are not. Monet chose certain colors to portray different feelings, mood and makes one think. In Patricia Stokes’s article “Variability, Constraints, and Creativity” explained during her investigation, she decides to investigate Monet’s creativity and separate them into three phases. In phase one, it involved value and wrote: “The wheel, which broke up the light into the four primary hues and their intermediaries, prompted Monet’s initial and initially ill-defined goal constraint.” In his earlier painting called Mouth of the Seine at Honfleur (1865), he used earth colors, raw umber, burnt sienna, and blacks. After he stopped using browns and earth color and later black as well. For Sunrise (1873), he used the colors yellow, orange, blue, green and brown. What I found interesting is that he muted the colors so the painting looks dull. Even so orange pops with the muted blue because they are complementary colors that perceive soothing or balance in the painting. Paintings that have textures that can be smooth and flat or have tooth and be lumpy which can depend on the type of paint or how it is applied the surface of a canvas. In many of Monet’s Impressionism paintings, he uses a dry brush technique and created dabs. In Sunrise, the paint is not blended together instead it is layered, which created a
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