Claude Monet Haystacks

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Claude Monet was a French artist of the late 1800's and early 1900's. He used very gestural brush strokes in many of his painted, making them less realistic like any of the artist were doing at the time. He was thought of as the father of Impressionism. Impressionism is taking a image out of the realism skim and making it looked less "real" and instead more of a painting. This is done by the long and large brush strokes in many of Monet's pieces, making them an "Impression" of an image rather than going for a photographic look. The movement name actually came from reviewers stating that the work was an impression of an image rather than its own piece of art.

This piece above "Haystacks", relates to capturing the impression of a moment
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This made it easy for Mondrian to make the pieces such like haystacks.The elements of the movement are color, line, and value. In the painting Monet used very bright and dark colors, and used large brushstroke lines as well. The value is seen in the darkness of the background and the brightness of the green lilies. This is also seen in many of the other pieces of impressionism in this time period.

Monet employs the principles of organization through scale, emphasis, contrast, and proportion. He uses the close up scale of the haystack to show its emphasis in the piece. The contrast of the bright sky on the darker haystack is very defined as well.

He used many elements of design in his piece as well. Line is a huge one; you can see the lines from the shadows, the parallel lines of the tops of the haystacks, and the landscape horizontal line as well. He also showed a ton of space since the haystacks are all on the left side, the right is a huge open space in the painting. Form is also used in the piece, considering the haystacks look 3D to the human eye. The color and value work together to create the darkness of the haystacks and shadows, and the light blue of the sky as well. Mass is the last element seen in this piece. The haystacks seem so massive in the foreground compared to the horizon in the face background of the
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