Claude Monet : The Best Landscape Master

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Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse Among the impressionists, Claude Monet was the best landscape master. His favorite themes were the sea and the flowers. His painting “Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse” was made in his early creative period in 1867. This painting represents themes of beautiful flowers and bright sun. “Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse” is a hymn to the sun, which impressionists considered as the creator of any color. In the mid-1860s Monet experimented with painting landscapes, which has led to some picturesque and memorable works such as this. “Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse” is one of the most dazzling and conspicuous paintings because of its techniques, history, and viewers’ emotions. The painting was done during a difficult period of Monet’s life. He was forced to leave Paris and return to his father’s house in Sainte-Adresse. It is a small village in Normandy at the mouth of the river Seine. During this period, Monet reached after the more rigorous construction of the painting. Every detail is drawn carefully; the composition is calibrated accurately; it does not remind soft and blurred tones of artist’s regular paintings. His brush is not as free as in other works. The figure, terrace, and sea make an impression of a strange stillness. This painting illustrates Monet’s experiments with plenty of shimmering and bright natural colors and a removal from the dark brown and black colors. Flowers are written by a variety of small, short strokes, which show the texture of the plants…

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