Claude Monet 's The Impressionist Era

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Born in Paris in 1840, Claude Monet would later become a leading artist in the Impressionist era. At a young age, Monet had a passion for nature and art and in 1859, Monet began to study art in Paris. Here he met many artists such as Bazille, Sisley, and Renoir. Monet practiced painting en plein air or moving from inside the studios to painting outside in the open. Embodying the Impressionist era in 1873, Monet painted "Impression, Sunrise”, showing many characteristics that define Impressionism and Monet 's painting style (Figure 1). The painting shows lax, bold, and precise brush strokes moving away from the previously blended and even style of earlier eras. Monet uses; cool purples, blues, bright oranges, and yellows show the effect of the natural light and capture the moment and the feeling of the sunrise. In later years, Monet focused mostly on landscapes which, today are notably Monet 's most famous works.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in France in 1841 and like Monet was also a leading artist in the Impressionist art movement. After moving to Paris between 1844 to 1846, Renoir began working as a porcelain painter -- painting designs onto dishes and china. In 1862, Renoir started studying art in Paris and here he met Claude Monet, as well as Bazille and Sisley (). Similar to Monet, Renoir also practiced en plein air. In Renoir 's early works, he would paint figures, mostly women, and used bright colors with short disconnected brush strokes. Renoir 's Dance at le…
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