Claudio As A Young And Inexperienced Count And His Immaturity

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Claudio is a young and inexperienced count and his immaturity is evident. His love for Hero is true, but their relationship was unstable throughout the play. Claudio is gullible and easily influenced by others. Claudio’s inconsistency of opinion enables the central plot in Much Ado About Nothing. Claudio claimed to have feelings for Hero when he first met her, but it was not until after the war that he acted upon those feelings. Claudio asked Benedick how he felt about Hero (I.i.155-162). Claudio wanted to know Benedick’s opinion of Hero before Claudio admitted to his liking of her. Claudio cares about other’s opinions and is easily swayed. When Don Pedro and Benedick agree that Hero is a modest lady, it gives Claudio permission to fall completely in love with her. Claudio is a passionate person, so when he has feelings about something, he feels deeply. His love for Hero is strong, but others can easily manipulate his love.
Don Pedro offers to help Claudio court Hero. (II.i.162) Claudio trusts his friend to help him. Don John took away that trust rapidly by simply telling Claudio that Don Pedro was courting Hero for himself. Claudio is gullible and believes the lie without hesitation. When Claudio asks for proof, Don John claims he heard Don Pedro admit his love for Hero. One piece of questionable evidence is plenty to make Claudio furious. Claudio declares his friendship with Don Pedro invalid and loathes Hero. Claudio’s passion fluctuates from love to hate instantaneously

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