Claudio and Hero's Relationship in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Claudio and Hero are the idealised Elizabethan couple in the book because of the patriarchal society that the story is based on. This is because Hero is shown as a weak and powerless young woman while Claudio is described as a powerful and honourable man. In the wedding Claudio decides to shame her and says ‘There, Leonato, take her back again Give not this rotten orange to your friend’. Even when Hero is being insulted and accused of being a prostitute she does not defend herself and says ‘Is my lord well, that he doth speak so wide?’ Instead of defending herself she asks if Claudio is alright which displays a sign of weakness in her. Claudio and Hero’s relationship started off at love at first sight therefore they did not know each…show more content…
This also shows that he would seek vengeance after the person he loves if she did something wrong and not forgive her. Claudio and Hero’s relationship is not strong because Claudio does not trust anyone in the affairs of love. He says ‘friendship is constant in all other things, save in the office and affairs of love’. He also says ‘and trust no agent for beauty is a witch’. The phrase ‘beauty is a witch’ implies that he thinks anyone who looks good should not be trusted therefore it shows that Claudio is keeping a close eye on Hero. The first quote suggests that he does not trust his friends as well because he thinks that when love is going on friendship takes a different path. On the other hand Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship is different; their relationship is not superficial but deeply rooted within them. They enjoy insulting each other as Benedick says to her ‘what my lady disdain! Are you yet living?’ This quote shows the enjoyment Benedick gets when insulting Beatrice as it displays an enjoyable hate that would eventually grow into love. They are also hurt by each others remarks as Benedick says ‘she speaks poniards, and every word stabs’. This shows how seriously Benedick takes her insults and how badly he is affected by them as these are all signs of love. When they get told that the other loves them as
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