Claudius Character Essay

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Polonius, her brother Laertes, and her lover Hamlet. Although Hamlet was a large cause it wasn't him alone (Bali 6).When Ophelia's father is murdered by the man she loves her character’s ability to stay sane is stripped and she feels she is incapable of moving on, so she takes her own life. After Ophelia is gone as well as her father Polonius her brother Laertes develops a will for revenge, which he intends to seek upon Hamlet, Ophelia's brothers revenge results in his own death as the story continues.
Shakespeare had a talent for creating perfect foils in his plays; one of his best foils is his character Claudius. Claudius is an ideal protagonist, and Hamlet's perfect foil in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Claudius’s character is a perfect example of the protagonist in the play, you see this through both his hostile actions, and his devious characteristics like jealousy, spite, sneakiness, and selfish ways. Claudius allows his selfishness to take control of him in the play, and this results in the murder of king,
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The Renaissance was an era which sought to redefine madness as a separate entity, different from its traditional association with the supernatural, the spiritual or the criminal (Bali 2). The English Renaissance occurred during the time period between 1485-1625 following the Renaissance was a movement called the Reformation which occurred during the years of 1483 to 1546 (Wiggins 236). These two major movements influenced this time period and its literature dramatically. New inventions like the printing press were created which was a new innovation in book printing. created in the 15th century by Gutenberg. This helped spread ideas of renaissance and the reformation (Wiggins 236). The first two major literary works of this period were shakespeare's plays being a product of the renaissance and the king james bible exemplifying the reformation (Wiggins
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