Claudius Influence On Hamlet

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The mental state of characters in Hamlet, as intricate of ideas that it encompasses, is varying from character to character; from time to time. Upon receiving news from Hamlet that Claudius is the culprit of King Hamlet’s death, she is flabbergasted and speechless to the extent that she has no choice but to say “speak to her no more, these words like daggers enter in my ears”(Act 3, scene4, line 95). Although it is commonly believed that she was not influenced by his words, the idea must have been echoing in her sub-conscious; she must surely have thought about it but the overwhelming number of stress factors such as Polonius’s death and Hamlet’s madness was nothing but a means by which her attention was diverted. Over the course of the play, she must have came to a realization that if a man were to go as far as to kill his brother to snatch away his blessings and money, it would be a necessity to get rid of her once Claudius became aware of where she stands.…show more content…
As much as she is foreign to this truth, her psyche is composed of the willingness and need to stay in her social class. At the time of King Hamlet’s death, it should have been the time for Gertrude to bid farewell to the respect and obedience from the public that she maintained for so long, and go to a nunnery. However, she is acting from her id as she does not take into consideration that another women should be in her place and the reasoning behind why Claudius has accepted her. It can be argued that Shakespeare is challenging the idea of perception of
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