Clay Wall Quilt : The Ultimate Family Craft Project

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This clay wall quilt is the ultimate family craft project! Each member of the family can continue a number of clay square to build this quilt to hang on the wall! I love quilts, but sewing a quilt is a daunting task. You can use a kid friendly (and adult friendly) material like clay to create a quilt art project ot hang on the wall that does not require any sewing!! To Make a Family Quilt Clay Wall Art Project You Will Need: Nail (optional) Air drying clay or oven firing clay Acrylic paint Clay tools Picture hanging hooks Rolling pin The first step if to roll out a slab of clay. This needs to be about 1/8 to ¼ inch thick. You want to cut squares, like you would find on a quilt, out of the clay. Try cutting out 5 inch squares. You can make one square for each family member or as many as you want. One of the great things about this family quilt craft is that you can keep adding ob over time! Now, have each family member crave out and decorate their clay square of the quilt. The can carve in images, names, dates, family memories and more. You can use materials like knives, tooth picks, pencils, and even fabric to create texture and interest on the clay tiles. You can also press a flower, leaves, or other materials from nature into the clay. Now, let the clay set up for a little bit, to a state artists and potters call "leather hard." Once your clay is a little bit dryer you can turn it over face down on your table Use a nail in the back to make a small hole that

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