Clean And Renewable Energy Is The Future Essay

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Deep Patel Mr. Hasty AP English 4 December 2016 Clean and Renewable Energy is the Future There are multitudes of problems with fossil fuels, but one is that they are nonrenewable. We will be out of natural gas in about 50 years and oil between 2025-2070 (Senior). Most of our world is currently dependent on fossil fuels, and this is an alarming fact. For example, recently there was a gas shortage in Fort Mill, S.C. and it was hard to find gas for multiple days. This fairly small shortage causes panic in the society. Now imagine if this problem extended throughout the world, and there was no end to this crisis. This is what will happen if effective renewable energy is not adopted as the primary source of energy in the U.S.. Logic and simple economics tells us that as our supplies of fossil fuels begin to dwindle, demand will rise leading to an increase in price. Also, oil pipelines often run through various countries, which can lead to an energy crisis in times of political issues (Senior). For example, there is a lot of oil in the Middle East currently, and OPEC often controls these oil prices. As a result, OPEC can change the price of oil for the U.S. and our allies, effectively crippling our economies. Another issue is that coal, a popular source of energy, is labor intensive and expensive to mine (Senior). I think that if we begin to use more coal as a substitute for fuels like natural gas and oil, then energy prices will rise because of the fact that coal
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