Clean Coal And The Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

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Clean coal is the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which arise from coal application. (Fan, 2008) This process is usually used for electrical power generation using clean coal technology. Clean coal pumps and stores carbon dioxide emissions underground by using the integrated gasification combined cycle. Coal gasification is the main process in the integrated gasification combined cycle. The integrated gasification combined cycle increases efficiency and lowers cost in capturing carbon dioxide emissions. (Fan, 2008)
Clean coals main objective is to capture and store carbon. According to the World Coal Institute (WCI) clean coal technologies are defined as “technologies designed to enhance both the efficiency and the …show more content…

There are an array of technologies that are accessible to advance our coal performance. This can include enhancing our existing options, deploying advanced technology, utilizing synergies with the application of renewables, and developing and commercializing next generation technologies.
The United States (and Canada) recently began this whole Clean Coal Technology Program recently, 1985 to be exact. The reason for the Clean Coal Technology Program was originally because of the environment being destroyed by acid rain. It was believed by both countries that the acid rain was damaging rivers, lakes, and forests. (Fossil Energy Office of Communications, 2013) Since many of the pollutants that formed "acid rain" were coming from big coal-burning power plants in the United States, the U.S. Government took the lead in finding a solution. (Fossil Energy Office of Communications, 2013) One of the actions by the United States Department of Energy was to create a collaboration between the government, a number of states, and private companies to test new methods developed by scientists to make coal burning much cleaner. This was developed as the "Clean Coal Technology Program."
The biggest challenge for early researchers was figuring out how to make coal “clean” and exactly what sort of process could be easily replicated without harming any more of Earth’s valuable resources. Scientists after many tests, found more than one way of making coal

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