Clean Edge Razor Case Study

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Clean Edge Razor Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning

MBA8145-Marketing Management Alpharetta, Summer-2011 GSU

Individual Case Analysis

Situation at Paramount
Paramount had established itself as a global consumer products giant with over $13 billion in worldwide sales and $7 billion in gross profits for 2009 since it’s entry in the market in 1962. In 2009, Paramount had established itself as unit-volume market leader in 2009 based on non disposable razor product sales. The Non disposable razor category market is entering a new phase with technology products and new entrants posing a threat to capture Paramount’s Market Share. From the target market positioning perspective the challenges can be broken down as below:

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The marketing campaign for “Clean Edge” has to be carefully planned in such a way that the message reaches the target market with great success and also satisfy the executive team.

Branding: Paramount executives have different opinions when it comes to branding this revolutionary “Clean Edge” product. However, Randall and Paramount has a challenge to name come up with a name that provides the necessary boost for “Clean Edge” branding, and not cannibalize Paramount Pro and Avail products.

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Paramount studies showed that consumers purchased razors and replacement cartridges more frequently than ever before in the history of Non disposable razors. Also, Paramount’s consumer research indicated that one category of consumers called “Maintenance users” that made up 33% of consumers were not interested in Superior technology. A very important finding that cannot be ignored for Paramount. Based on the data in the case and my analysis, below are my alternatives that can be used to develop a market strategy that will position Paramount as a market leader in Non Disposable razor category with “Clean Edge” product launch:
1) Launch “Clean Edge” as a “mainstream” technology product to be a market leader. 2) Launch “Clean Edge” as a “niche” revolutionary technology product to be a market leader. 3) Create a

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