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What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Paramount is facing not only the traditional, on-going competition from the other long term, established companies in the market, but faces increasing challenges to its market share from new entrants as well. Traditionally, the market consisted of disposable and non-disposable razors, but within the last few years, a new trend has emerged. As a result of the increased emphasis on esthetic, or beauty products for men, there has been is a growing movement among male consumers who are gravitating toward premium shaving products. Known as the “social/ emotional” segment, it commands 39 percent of the total non-disposable users, which is a greater percentage overall than…show more content…
Examine consumer behavior for non-disposable razors. In the past, a razor was much like a simple tool used to accomplish a task and for many years, the basic design and function of a razor changed little. More recently, with the focus of grooming and personal hygiene being a more prominent consideration for many, especially men, there has been an increasing focus on features, comfort and the experience of shaving. Although the lower priced offerings for razors may be perfectly acceptable to many, the trend has been to expect more from a razor. The industry has responded with more expensive, feature laden razors that vibrate, lubricate, have more blades and are more ergonomically appealing to both men and women. In some respects, shaving has progressed from a task or chore to the realm of a pleasurable experience. The use of complementary grooming products, especially geared toward men, were a non-existent market a generation ago, yet make up an increasing portion of the personal grooming revenue today. What are the arguments for launching the Clean Edge as niche product? Clean Edge could be launched as a niche or a mainstream strategy because the market share for Paramount in the super-premium non disposable razor market will increase regardless of which strategy is chosen. The niche strategy allows profit to be contributed while also largely preventing Paramount from allowing sales to be cannibalized from existing products and thus lowering the

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