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JANUARY 19, 2011


Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning
On August 9, 2010, a group of executives from Paramount Health and Beauty Company (Paramount) sat in a research room intently observing a dozen men shaving on the other side of a two-way mirror. The subjects were testing out Paramount’s newest nondisposable razor, Clean Edge, and discussing the experience. The verdict was extremely encouraging. The majority of men felt it was the closest, cleanest, and smoothest shave they had encountered. Clean Edge’s improved design provided superior performance by utilizing a vibrating technology to stimulate hair follicles and lift the hair from the skin, allowing for a more thorough
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- May 2008," Figure 5, Mintel International Group Note: 2008 figures are mid-year projections; 2009-2010 figures are estimates.

Market Segments and Consumer Behavior
Currently, industry experts divided the nondisposable razor and refill cartridge market into three segments based on price and quality: value, moderate, and super-premium. In the last decade, the industry had experienced significant growth in the super-premium segment. Numerous product innovations in the super-premium segment (e.g., 5-blade technology, glide strips, lather bar, low resistance blade coating, etc.) fueled the growth. Table B provides a breakout of industry sales by segment. Table B 2009 Nondisposable Razors and Refill Cartridge Retail Sales by Segment
Volume Super-Premium Moderate Value 25% 43% 32% Dollar 34% 44% 22%

Note: Information is fictional.

Paramount studies from 2009 showed that consumers purchased razors and replacement cartridges more frequently than they had in any year previously. Executives felt the replacement cycle had been shortened due to consumers trying out new products as well as advertising and

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