Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning

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Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning

Case Analysis

Marketing Concepts

Problem/Decision Identified

This case is about ‘strategic positioning’ decision dilemma of a newly developed technologically advanced product. The product manager Randall of Paramount Health and Beauty Company- a Global player in health and beauty industry is faced with an intriguing question of how to best position the new product so as to have a right market fit. There are several factors which would play an important role in the making the right decision like cannibalization effect on the company’s current product line, rapid technological advancement in the
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Moreover, other alternatives to non disposable razors like electric shaver, disposable razor and other substitutes like waxing, laser treatment and depilatories added onto the existing competition. If Paramount did not come up with the correct positioning and marketing strategy in a short span of time it would run the risk of losing the entire market to a competitor with similar technology and also loss its early movers advantages.
SWOT Analysis:
Strength - The major strength of Paramount lay in the fact that it had an established brand name in the non disposable razor. Moreover, the technology on which clean edge razor was based is new to the market. This cumulative strength would enable Paramount to increase its total market share if it positions the clean edge razor in the correct segment of the market.
Weakness- There was a lack of technological advancements in the current product lines since past five years and, no product in the super-premium segment of the market which had the maximum growth potential. The current products Avail and Pro were in the mature stage of its product life cycle and would see its decline phase soon.
Opportunities- The launch of clean edge razor would equip Paramount with a competitive advantage and they could further leverage on this technological advancement to gain more profits and market share. The

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